Susan Kihika – Dallas, Texas

>Susan W. Kihika is the founder of the Kihika Law Firm. Her education has taken place in Kenya, London, and the United States. As an immigrant herself, Susan understands what a critical and life-changing decision it is immigrating to the United States. She has experienced the system first hand and will put that experience to work for you. Susan understands what is at stake and she will work hard and tirelessly for you.
As an Assistant District Attorney, Susan has handled hundreds of criminal cases. She has prosecuted both misdemeanor and felony offenses–from DWI to complicated felony cases such as manslaughter and murder.

Her vast trial/litigation background brings clients a comprehensive approach to immigration law, criminal cases and family law.

Before founding The Kihika Law Firm, Susan served as a Felony Prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. Her excellent trial skills make her a formidable opponent in even the toughest negotiations. She is a zealous advocate for our clients.

Prior to representing the State of Texas in criminal cases, Susan worked for private immigration law firms. She worked for the world’s leading immigration law firm and also worked for one of the largest full-service immigration law firms in the State of Texas.

Source: The Kihika Law Firm

3 thoughts on “Susan Kihika – Dallas, Texas

  1. I have no words for your great achievements and honestly dreams do come true and I sincerely wish you the best in 2012. What a journey in life! very proud of you achievement.

    Charles Gathii

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