Anna Otieno – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anna Otieno is a consumer trend expert on media, music, entertainment and the art of giving, with a demographic focus in Gen We, Millennials, Cause Consumers, Muslim Americans and American Indians.

Anna Otieno

A secret pop-culture blogger and (non-secret) Stanford alum, she collaborates with Advisory and Editorial services on a wide range of deliverables and special projects, including trend articles, Point Of Views (POVs), and observation articles.

Her recent projects include the “CelebriMes” POV and the Cultural Zeitgeist podcast on ‘Belief and the Globalized Consumer‘.

Anna’s passion for promoting culture utilizing consumer trends has had her work for Media Bistro, an online meeting place for writers, photographers, on-air personalities, pr specialists, editors, and other creative professionals; and work as an Associate Producer for Edelman’s Productions on HGTV’s show ‘Landscape Smart‘.

In her ‘spare’ time she is a freelance writer, and runs the Akinyi Foundation, a non-profit organization that she founded in 2006 to create a connection between those that need and those that want to help.

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