Bernard Neto – Los Angeles, California

Filmmaker Bernard Neto lives in California and directs films. His film, ‘Cardinal Code’, sounds exciting and promising.

Cardinal Code by Bernard Neto

Here’s the synopsis: A tragic accident, a sexy lady and many bad decisions set off a string of deadly incidents. Steve, Mike, Pete, Terrence and Eric have been friends for years and decide to go on a camping trip. But when Pete accidentally kills Mike, loyalties shift and things spiral out of control when a woman and a lot of money are added in the mix.  As the body count rises, friends become cold blooded killers and the group realizes the ultimate price for breaking the Cardinal Code.

This is Neto’s second movie. His first movie ‘The Seven Mile’ was about a Kenyan who came to America and the cultural shock and confusion that ensued. This time around, the Kenyan-born film maker has his eyes on expanding the horizon and thus the market for ‘Cardinal Code’. The cast is mostly made up of American actors. “The story is potent enough to spur the interest of most movie lovers,” says Neto. ‘Cardinal Code’ will start screening at the end of this year and should hit the market early 2010.

Neto has worked on several television shows and movies including ‘Crisis Point’, ‘He’s On My Mind’, ‘Untamed and Uncut‘, and ‘World’s Most Amazing Videos’.

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