10 Minute Fix – A Black Medley Entertainment TV production

Have you wondered how our Kenyans are living in the Diaspora?  Want to hear what kind of conversation you might hear when you visit a Kenyan house in the Diaspora? Well you don’t have to guess anymore.  One person has decided to share his kitchen and his talk with his boys, so you can get an idea of some of the things you might hear.

The show is ‘Ten Minute Fix’. ‘Ten Minute Fix’ takes news, gossip, information, and anything that pops into a person’s head, and puts it out there.  Tune in to the site and see what is being discussed.   Share your opinions, and suggest topics.  Who knows–yours might be picked.

6 thoughts on “10 Minute Fix – A Black Medley Entertainment TV production

  1. what about you guys come to san antonio texas and hold one or two of your 10 minute fix in san antonio.there is a wide range of kenyans here in san antonio.im willing to accomodate you guys if you plan to come down.here are my contacts jeff,n.njiru 2102136857.email is jeff njiru@justice.com

  2. Episode 2 is awesome too.. I came across ur piece by accident while reading Edi Gathegi’s twitter’s (Kenyan guy from twilight) and I love what you guys are talking about coz that’s real real talk!! and I cosign 100%!! I’ll have to check you guys out oftenly coz ur saying exactly wht’s alwys on my mind!:)

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