James Kamau – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

James Kamau is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.  His first community act was to form the Dagoretti Corner Amani Group which served as a soccer club for the children in the neighborhood in Kenya.  It quickly turned into a homework club to help the children whose parents were illiterate.

James KamauThat desire to help people is such an intrinsic part of who he is that when he emigrated to Canada, he founded the Youth Initiative Canada (YIC), an organization that strives to build lasting youth programs in both Canada and Kenya. YIC engages young people in multidimensional programs geared toward social change through music, arts, sports and social entrepreneurship.

One of the programs, ‘Beyond Hoops’, is a basketball and life skills program run in both Kenya and Canada with the purpose of using the sport of basketball as a vehicle for social change and as an intervention to reach out to young talented people who don’t get a chance to excel in education and athletics because of limitations and financial barriers. YIC also offers programs focusing on music and the arts. They also offer programs on social entrepreneurship.

He tells Canadian Immigrant, “When I go to schools here to talk about global citizenship, the kids always tell me that they don’t think their $5 is going to help. I can tell them that I come from there and it will. It’s incredibly powerful, adding your voice and your actions to a cause. Once you tell your story, you never know — someone, somewhere just might want to come through.”

Powerful words indeed.

4 thoughts on “James Kamau – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  1. This message is for James Kamau or who ever this may concern,

    My name is Monique and this November I will be traveling with seven friends to Kenya to help volunteering with several projects that two of our group members have started last year.
    These projects include: teaching school subjects to children ages 5 to 16 as well as giving oral hygiene instructions, microfinance seminars, working with street orphans, visiting hospitals, helping at orphanages. Here is our website for further details and information: http://www.kenyavolunteering2011.yolasite.com or mique252hotmail.com

    We will be hosting a charity fundraising partiyon Oct. 21st 2011 and we would be honoured and hoping you will be interested to participate as a guest speaker who can talk about your experiences of life in Kenya and raise awareness of the conditions most children are facing at this very moment.

    Please send us an email at mique25@hotmail.com or to the website listed above. We are looking forward hearing from you as we think that together we can make a difference…

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