Regina Njogu Wahome – Washington DC

Ms. Regina Njogu (Mrs. Wahome), the principal at RNW Law Firm graduated with a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Nairobi, a diploma in legal practice from the Kenya School of Law, and a master of laws degree from the American University in Washington DC. She is currently admitted to practice in the states of Maryland and New York.

Regina Njogu Wahome80 percent of Ms. Njogu’s practice involves immigration law. The rest of her practice involves general Maryland law matters including business incorporation, non-profits registration, personal injury, divorce, and bankruptcy alternatives, e.t.c.

Ms. Regina Njogu has extensive experience in the area of immigration law and has an excellent track record. Her immigration law experience was gained through her employment as an immigration paralegal before she became an attorney and ventured into private practice. Prior to starting her own practice, Ms. Regina Njogu was employed as a collections attorney at one of the nation’s largest collections law firm. In that capacity, she helped resolve hundreds of difficult cases through skilled negotiation and commitment to quick and fair resolution. In this regard, she recommended and obtained debt forgiveness for hundreds of debtors from the firm’s clients.

Ms. Regina Njogu is caring, considerate, understanding, and attentive towards her client’s immigration needs and goals. She is sensitive to her clients’ cultural backgrounds and will fervently and aggressively defend her clients’ positions. Her paramount goal is to achieve success for her clients.

Ms. Regina Njogu is a born again Christian, is married, and has two daughters. She is committed to providing legal services to everyone including financially distressed members of the community who cannot afford the full cost of legal representation.

Source: RNW Law Firm

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