Anne Thoiti Wachera – Texas

Anne Thoiti Wachera, who simply goes by Wachera, was born in Nairobi, Kenya and spent her growing up years between Nyeri and Nairobi. She started performing as a singer and actress in primary school. She learnt to play the piano while in primary school and seriously engaged herself in acting, dancing and singing while at Tumutum High School. Wachera participated in the Kenya music festivals in various categories, including solos, traditional folk and dance. In 1994, she won the best actress award for lead role in the play ‘Manoti’ at the provincial level. The play went on to win the number one spot at the national level.

Anne WacheraAfter high school, Wachera continued singing and acting around Nairobi before she moved to the United States to pursue her studies in music at Emporia State University, Kansas. In the meantime, her music and acting endeavors had to take the back burner for a while. Wachera has been performing in various Kenyan events around the U.S. and has featured in several songs, including ‘Upendo‘, by the group Totally Kenyan, ‘Kumechacha‘, by Msanii and recently collaborated with Daddy V of Kilimanjaro Records in several songs in his album, including the hit ‘Umenibamba’.

Wachera released her first single ‘Msichana Mdogo’ in May of 2010. She wrote, sung, arranged and produced the song. Wachera says she gets her song writing inspiration from social and cultural ongoings. She is busy working on her debut album slated for release in 2011. Listen to Wachera’s new single ‘Msichana Mdogo’.

Source: Kilimanjaro Entertainment

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