Eric Mwangi – Atlanta, Georgia

Eric Mwangi is a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) graduating in Birmingham, UK. who also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Eric MwangiHe is an avid sports fan and a natural athlete who played soccer, hockey and rugby in high school. He was the Captain of the University Mean Machine Rugby team in 1991 and led the team to several regional championships. He also played for the Kenya Rugby Select Team.

Eric has been actively involved in sports and community work for many years. In 2000, Eric successfully led a team of 12 Shell employee hikers up Mt. Kenya, the second highest Mountain in Africa, his single biggest achievement to date.

Merging his love of sports and a fervent love of Africa, Eric Mwangi is the Founder and President of CHANCE Afrika, where they help develop children through Sports and Educational Programs both in the US and in Africa.

Some of their signature programs are:

1) Just Youth Soccer – A youth soccer program catering to over 200 kids a year.
2) Taming the Nile 5K – A program that funds chemically treated mosquito nets for kids and families in Africa. Providing 5000 Nets a year.
3) Donate a Backpack – An end of year program that helps provide backpacks to kids in Africa. Providing over 150 Backpacks a Year.

Source: Chance Afrika

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