Daniel Munyambu – Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom

Daniel Munyambu arrived in the UK four years ago in 2007 from Kenya where he has been doing business. After arrival he started working as well as studying politics. He has always been interested in politics.

Councillor Daniel MunyambuTwo years ago, he started participating in the local politics in his area in Basildon, Essex, UK where he became very popular with the locals. He joined the local labour team and at last, they nominated him to participate in the council elections Thursday 5th May, 2011 where he was declared a winner with 52.3 % majority.

Councillor Daniel Munyambu the man from Kairi, Gatundu, Kenya will be the only black man in the council chambers where he will be sharing with other 42 councillors. Talking to journalist the jovial councillor explained: “It is not about the time you have lived somewhere that makes the difference, but it is knowing who you are coupled by your determination and God’s favour.” Mr. Munyambu explained. He was elected in an area which is 96% white dominated.

Councillor Munyambu`s slogan during his campaign was ” IT CAN BE DONE, PLAY YOUR PART”. He played his part and he did it. Other Kenyans can also do the same. His contact is daniel.munyambu@yahoo.com

Source: Mwakilishi

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