John Nuraney – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

John Nuraney was first elected as MLA for the riding of Burnaby-Willingdon in the 2001 provincial general election and was re-elected in 2005.

John NuraneyJohn has served on a variety of parliamentary committees such as the Select Standing Committees on Health and Finance and Government Services. He is also a member of the Government Multicultural Caucus Committee, Asian Economic Development Committee and the Government Caucus Committee for Education. Earlier he served as Chair of the Special Committee to Review the Police Complaints Process. John was also a member of the Government Caucus Committee for Health.

John owns five A&W Restaurants, and since 1978 has built seven new restaurants, creating over 100 new jobs. From 1955 to 1957 John trained with the Jubilee Insurance Company in Mombasa, Kenya, following which he obtained his professional insurance designation while working in London and Zurich.

John was the Financial Director of an international company until 1966 when he purchased and operated, until 1973, a successful electronic and music business which worked in partnership with Decca Records in Brussels recording, producing and distributing Zairian music.

John immigrated to Canada from Zaire in 1974 after his assets and business were nationalized by the Zairian government in 1973. After settling in Vancouver John worked with MacNaughton & Ward as a commercial insurance agent and a commercial realtor until 1978. John earned the Vancouver Real Estate Board’s Medallion Status in 1977.

John’s volunteer and community service experience included: Burnaby Rotary Club director and past president; Michael J. Fox Theatre director; Metrotown Community Policing Advisory Group member; and Family Services of Greater Vancouver director. John is an active volunteer helping to meet the needs of the less fortunate; he instigated the “Penny Harvest” project which feeds hungry children in Burnaby, a project which to date has served over 3,000 meals.

Born in Kenya, John has lived in the constituency for five years; he and his wife Gulshan have three children. John enjoys outdoor activities as well as chess and bridge and speaks French, Swahili, Lingala, Hindi and Gujarati.

Source: Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

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