Dr. Wanjiru Kamau Wins one of the 2011 Purpose Prizes

Dr. Wanjiru Kamau was selected to receive a 2011 Purpose Prize by Civic Ventures.  The blurb from them is below.

Dr. Wanjiru Kamau

Dr. Wanjiru Kamau

Civic Ventures announced today, November 3, 2011 that Wanjiru Kamau, is one of five winners of its 2011 Purpose Prize, an annual $100,000 award for social entrepreneurs over 60 who are using their experience and passion to make an extraordinary impact on some of society’s biggest challenges. Now in its sixth year, the $17 million program is the nation’s only large-scale investment in social innovators in the second half of life.

“Wanjiru Kamau has improved the lives of thousands of children in the Washington, D.C., area,” said Marc Freedman, CEO and founder of Civic Ventures and author of The Big Shift (Public Affairs Books). “It’s really good news that Purpose Prize winners like Wanjiru – and millions of others in encore careers – are turning personal passions and decades of experience into invaluable contributions across sectors, continents and generations, often through entrepreneurship.”

Congratulations Dr. Kamau.  Continue making us proud. You can read all the details here.

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