Nerima Ouma – Stockholm, Sweden

Nerima Ouma grew up with one foot in Africa and the other foot in Sweden.  This has no doubt influenced her design stye.  Situated in Sweden, she worked for several different design houses before finally setting up shop on her own.

“I have always looked for a way to express myself. My mother used to really nourish the way we in the family enjoyed the arts,” she says. Nerima Ouma“I started with a pen and a piece of paper and from thereon I was hooked. But the question still remained, where would I go from here?  To further my interest more, I did my high school years at a Graphic Design School, to see if I really had the stomach for this business. I have never felt more in my element then being in that environment.

So here I am years later and I still love what I do! I have my own Design business now and every day is a challenge, but a challenge I’m willing to take every day of the week.”

Her eye for design is evident in the work that she does.  Follow her on Facebook.

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