Relationsh*t – a book about dating

The dating scene can sometimes be equated to a mine field where you could get blown up, or, if you are lucky, live to see another day.  Many people can tell the tales of their horrible dating experiences and try to analyze why they let them go as far as they do.  Others decide to share in book form, so that others can learn, and hopefully walk away before the experiences get worse.

Relationsh*tTina Mugambi is one such author.  Her latest book, ‘Relationsh*t’ has been selling like hotcakes, with several readers laughing out loud as they share her hilarious journey through the dating scene.  Follow her as she tells all about the different types of people she encounters as she tries to figure out how to weed out the diamonds from the duds.

Chapter Titles include:

1.His name was “Cornbread” (note to self: never mess around with a grown man who still uses nicknames)
2. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition….but nobody should subject themselves to it either
3. So this guy walks into the restaurant with his button-down shirt unbuttoned all the way to his belly button
4. Let me get this straight……you want our future kids to worship who?
5. I should have earned skymiles for that.

This should give you a taste of what kind of reading you are in for.  You can learn where her next book signing will be by following her on Facebook.

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