Muroki Mwaura – Edison, New Jersey

Dr. Muroki Mwaura is a Professor in the department of Accounting and Law, at the William Paterson University.

Muroki MwauraBefore he came to the United States, he was a lecturer at Kenyatta University.  His primary research is the use of accounting information especially by small businesses in service and manufacturing enterprises.

Publications include:

  • Nyaboga, Andrew & Mwaura, Muroki (2007) “E-Government: The implementation of Effective Digital Technologies To Improve The Delivery Of Government Services To Their Consumers (Citizens),” Review of Busine ss Information S ystem , First Quarter 2006
  • Ralph T. Reilly, Muroki F. Mwaura & Andrew Nyaboga (2005). The relationships between structural properties and the implementation of effective networks. National Social Science Journal. Vol. 24 No. 1.
  • Mwaura, Muroki F. & Andrew Nyaboga. (2005). “Dimensions of data quality: Strategies for gaining competitive advantage.” National Social Science Journal, Vol.25 (1).
  • Nyaboga, Andrew B., Muroki F. Mwaura & Finbar Fletcher (2005). “Some Issues in the Application of Artificial Intelligence: Expert Systems Methods of Economic Analysis.” Managing Modern Organizations with Information Technology. Idea Group.Inc.
  • Mwaura, Muroki F. & Andrew Nyaboga. (2004). ” A Conceptual Evaluation of the Intranets to Support Knowledge Management.” Innovations Through Information Technology Idea Group Inc.

To learn more about him, visit his page on the William Paterson University website.

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