Peter Chege – Charlottesville, Virginia

Peter ChegePeter Chege truly exemplifies what a Kenyan Jewel is.  Recently highlighted on, and, he has shown what African compassion looks like.  His company, Mobile 1 Lube Express has hired homeless men and ex-convicts (the ones who haven’t killed anyone) and given them a chance at a new start.

According to the article, Chege immigrated to the United States from a poor village in Kenya and says it was the generosity of others that gave him the chance to  start over. Now he’s returning the favor by hiring men with backgrounds similar to Staton’s.   You can watch the video about how he is  helping make a difference in their lives.

Congratulations on showing how great we as Kenyans can be!

4 thoughts on “Peter Chege – Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. Hello Peter. This is Isaac Olayinka from Nigeria who lived in Charlotteville with his two grandsons up to 2007. I am back in the US and this night I went to look up information about you and found that your church is progressing. Good luck and may God continue to cater for you and the congregation.

    Jide, my son, now lives in North Carolina as you know. I have just come back to stay for sometime. The children are grown up now and they are progressing, thanks to the Almighty for that.

    I don’t have your telephone number any longer but here is mine: 336 862 6995. God bless.

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