Stan Barua – “Tiger Spirit”

Stan Barua was the director of photography for the movie, ‘Tiger Spirit‘.   This documentary about Korea’s journey to reunification is directed by Min Sook Lee.  Reviews already say great things about it, so if you are looking for a great movie to watch, why not try this. Heartwarming and touching, it brings the stark reality of family separation through government division and is showcased with some stunning cinematography that intuitively guides you through the heart’s journey across borders. To learn more about the movie, visit the website.

Stan BaruaThis is but one of the films he has worked on.  Some of his more prominent works include “Baba’s House“, “Rain”, “Semisweet: Life in chocolate” and “The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche“.

With extensive experience as a cinematographer, Stan weaves his eclectic perspective into a refined palette of enigmatic elegance and affected realism – one without stylistic limits. As comfortable with drama and television as with documentaries and commercials, Stan is attracted to all the elements that build and capture the image.

His background spans diverse work with European, North and Latin American, and African directors, producers and crews across five continents. Stan has paralleled his expertise in 35 mm and 16 mm film, HD and digital camera systems with sensitive, calm, detailed collaboration with all departments of production to realize artistically and technically challenging, award-winning stories. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, and the International Cinematographers’ Guild (IATSE local 667). He holds an MA in Cinematography from the National Film School, Lodz, Poland.

Stan Barua is fluent in English, Swahili and Polish.

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