Erle Rahaman – Noronha – Freeport, Caroni, Trinidad & Tobago

Erle is one of the directors of Caribbean Permaculture Consultants Ltd (CPC)

Erle Rahaman -Noronha

Erle was born and grew up in Kenya, lived in Canada and now makes Trinidad his home. He teaches and practices Permaculture and is the owner of Wa Samaki Ecosystems (established 1997), a 33 acre, formerly citrus, estate undergoing a Permaculture restoration while producing cut flowers, tropical fish and indigenous food crops. His farm has won agricultural entrepreneur awards for forestry, aquaculture and horticulture. He is the current national winner of the Agroforestry division and national runner up in the Horticulture division for the National Agricultural Entrepreneur of the year 2009.

He has a BSc in Applied Biochemistry and an MSc in Zoology from the University of Guelph, Canada, has completed two Permaculture Design Courses in Trinidad (07 with Peter Bane) and Belize (09 with Albert Bates), as well as short courses in Intensive Aquaculture (Cornell University), Dendrology (Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry) and Tropical Landscaping (University of the West Indies).

He has been involved with three Knowing and Growing Workshops in Jamaica and Dominica, used as a Permaculture expert by IICA in Suriname, and has taught Permaculture Design courses in Trinidad (08,09) and Puerto Rico (09)

He is also a photographer and an accomplished adventure racer and ultra marathoner.

Source: Wa Samaki Ecosystems

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