Benson Karanja – Atlanta, Georgia

An immigrant from Kenya, East Africa, Dr. Benson M. Karanja attended Beulah Heights Bible College in 1987. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree, he continued his education at Brenau University, receiving a Master of Business Administration.

Dr. Benson Karanja

Dr. Benson Karanja

He furthered his studies at Clark Atlanta University earning both a Master of Library Science and a Doctorate in Education degrees.

In 2004, Dr. Karanja became President of Beulah Heights University, making him the first African immigrant to become President of an American college. Under his tutelage, Beulah Heights University has become a multicultural institution whose students represent over 45 countries.

Dr. Karanja is a servant for meaningful change. He acts as a mentor to migrant ethnic leaders in an effort to close the cultural gap introducing them to Christian leaders and business people in the United States.

His global non-profit organization, the Africa Resource Group (ARG) strives to promote and encourage mutually beneficial partnerships in the nation of Kenya based on leadership, integrity, transfer of skills and knowledge, and ethics. He also founded African Resource Foundation (ARF) with a mission to equip and develop leaders in an effort to create sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities. He has served on the East African Business council linking American business people with business and investment opportunities in East Africa.

As coordinator of the Association of African Consortium Theological Studies (AACTS), Dr. Karanja has been instrumental in uniting 16 professionals from Kenya and increasing their understanding of the power of partnership. Dr. Karanja is a distinguished member of several boards including Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), Calvary Leadership Institute, Gospel Magazine, AFG, ARG, and Moi African Institute. He was honored with a Head of State Commendation from the President of the Republic of Kenya and for his outstanding humanitarian effort by the Georgia House of Representatives. (Source: Beulah Heights University)

Other achievements

Received Presidential Award of Honor from President Mwai Kibaki for services and support to the country of Kenya

Received invitation to serve as a distinguished guest on the 2006 African Presidential Roundtable in Johannesburg, South Africa, which included several former African heads of state

Ambassador for various projects and initiatives in the continent of Africa

Established the Center for Leadership in Nakuru, Kenya

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