Penina Lam – Ontario, Canada

Dr. Penina Lam has a heart for educating girls.   Her organization, African Education Resource Center (AERC), provides scholarships for girls in Kenyan high schools. Their scholars, once funded, enjoy a full scholarship covering all official school fees, school uniforms, books, room and board (for boarding schools) and small stipend to cover transportation costs to and from school.

Dr. Penina Lam

Dr. Penina Lam

She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership & Organizational Development from the University of Louisville, USA. As a scholar-practitioner in the field of HRD/OD, she has served as an Assistant Professor and as an Educational Developer at major research universities in North America.

In 2003, she co-founded AERC and currently serves as the AERC Board Chair. Penina has a great passion for promoting education and is committed to developing people’s unique talents.

Her research interests are leadership development and social innovation/entrepreneurship. Her works have been featured in various professional conferences, book chapters, and journals. She co-authored The Management of Adult Education Organizations in Africa, a UNESCO project.

As a consultant and coach, she specializes in Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Social Change initiatives; working with clients internationally on projects to strategize, design, implement, and evaluate programs.

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