Obama issues advice to Kenyans for elections.

President Obama released the rare country-specific message in a YouTube video in which he used Swahili greetings — the common language in Kenya — to open and close his message. He urged Kenyans to reject intimidation and violence, to allow a free and fair vote, and to resolve any disputes “in the courts, not in the streets.”

Obama to Kenyans

Obama to Kenyans

“This is a moment for the people of Kenya to come together, instead of tearing apart. If you do, you can show the world that you are not just a member of a tribe or ethnic group, but citizens of a great and proud nation,” said Obama, who has several relatives in the country, including half-siblings and a step-grandmother.

As Kenyans head toward elections (some with apprehension) we hope that peace and an honest election will be the goal of all those that get to vote this year on March 4, 2013.

Here is the speech in it’s entirety:

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