TakeOver DJs set to permeate the Atlanta soundwaves

The TakeOver DJs have announced that they will be on V-103, The People’s Station, Atlanta’s urban radio station with African Ciity Group.


Their ‘Passport Saturdays‘ at Cream Lounge in Atlanta, have been extremely popular, with the TakeOver DJs spinning their trademark Afrobeat, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, House & 90′s with such skill that it makes it difficult to sit down. Many patrons end up spending half the night on the dancefloor. This has peaked the interest of V-103, resulting in a live-broadcast of their show.

As DJ Fully Focus put it in an interview with Jaguda.com, “What makes our broadcast special is the playlist, it’s the first time ever that Afrobeat, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, House & 90′s will be live in ATL radio. So we are making history, U.S. radio history! What this could mean is if the ratings do go up during the broadcast & the listeners like what they hear & write in or call in to the station, we could possibly see some of your Afrobeat artists get added to rotation which could turn into major U.S. record label interests.”

So Kenyan artists in the Diaspora, now is the time to get your music out there. Let one of the best DJ outfits in the industry put your music on blast and showcase just how talented you really are.

Visit Cream Lounge every Saturday night from 10pm to 4am and enjoy the best mix of Afro-beat, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, and Top 40 Hits by DJ Fully Focus (Kenyan), DJ Kash (American), DJ Shanetalon (Caribbean) along with DJ Dyme (Kenyan) and King Ola (Nigerian) and hosted by Osei “The Dark Secret”.

Listen to a sampling of their music on Soundcloud.

In a side note….DJ Focus will also be hosting the birthday party for Dikembe Mutombo’s daughter (her sweet 16).  Couldn’t be prouder of this Kenyan Jewel.  Thanks for paving a way for others to follow. He said he would treat it like a business, and he has!!  Follow them on Facebook  and visit their website for more information.

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