Patrick Tonui – Baltimore, Maryland

Patrick Tonui is a gentleman who has made an impression in the communities that he is a part of. He was previously the regional manager in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with the Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development’s (DBED) Office of International Investment and Trade. Before that, Tonui was the international services director at the World Trade Center in Atlanta.

Patrick Tonui

Patrick Tonui

In his interview with Business Monthly, Tonui shares his experience and ideas as a program manager, security and information technology, within the Office of Strategic Industries and Innovation at the DBED.  Per the article, “….he works to nurture and grow the state’s advanced technology companies across various sectors — including aerospace, defense, communications, information technology, gaming, modeling and simulation, and space and satellite — by leveraging Maryland’s resources to respond to the industries’ needs, and thus facilitate their growth and expansion to create job opportunities.”

Tonui holds an MBA in Operations Management and a master’s in International Business, both from Georgia State University. He is also an adjunct faculty member, global business programs, at the University of Maryland University College.

One thought on “Patrick Tonui – Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Wow!Mr .I never believed anyone from a small country like ours would make such great strides in the world.Wish I would meet him.!

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