Catherine Franklin – Dallas, Texas

Catherine Gathuka Franklin is a life coach, speaker, published author and business consultant dedicated to helping people thrive in every area of life.

Catherine Franklin

Catherine Franklin

She is the founder of Thrive, Inc. and uses her skills as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to serve clients in the US and abroad. Catherine’s coaching and speaking services will enable you to accomplish the following:

    • To become intentional about linking your goals with your resources (time, money, talent and relationships) so you can maximize your potential
    • Bring clarity to what you want to accomplish in life, career, finances or business
    • Create a road map to realize your visions and dreams
    • Navigate setbacks and disappointments in a way that makes life better, not bitter.
    • Approach challenges and opportunities from a place of strength instead of fear
    • Conquer self defeating and limiting mindsets
    • To implement your business ideas in the market place.

Catherine knows what it feels like to start with nothing, to experience failure, to be dissatisfied in one’s career, to be in debt and frustrated in life.  Through life challenges, she has learned to be intentional, to tap into her strengths, to play from a position of power as opposed to fear, to learn from her mistakes and to be resilient after setbacks.  She learned how to thrive, have a successful career and a good family life.

The most significant skill that Catherine has developed is to identify how to maximize her potential by maximizing her resources.  Her adult journey began upon migrating to the US as a 19 year old girl with only a suitcase of clothes in tow and $4000 in her pocket to pay for her first semester tuition.  Catherine put herself through college by being an excellent student.  She was awarded numerous scholarships due to her academic prowess. She earned a good reputation among her peers that saw her move from being a cashier at Wal-Mart to a graduate assistant to the Director of Financial Reporting at her university.  By age 26, Catherine had managed to graduate debt-free with Magma Cum Laude distinction in her undergraduate degree in Professional Accounting, completed a Masters in Business Administration, achieved the CPA certification; and was working for a fortune 500 international consultation company.

Catherine understands what it means to be dissatisfied in one’s career because she went through the same.  While working for a Fortune 500 company seemed prestigious, she knew she was not fulfilled and her potential was not being maximized.  She left the job, did some soul searching, prayed for guidance and found a path to a satisfying career which matched her interests and strengths.  Because of this move, she tripled her salary from her entry point salary and received promotions along the way.   She brings a wealth of these personal experiences to her thriving coaching career. Catherine uses this knowledge in coaching her clients, and teaches them how to connect with work that fits them in order to excel in their careers.

Catherine together with her entrepreneur husband have also executed several ideas into business ventures hence she understands what it takes to implement an idea in the marketplace.

Catherine articles have been featured in Epitome Magazine, Live Magazine and other community newspapers in DFW.  She served as a finance expert trainer and advisory board member of the women’s mentoring organization – Woman Act Now.

Let Catherine help you maximize on your potential! Take the Are you thriving Quiz, register for her encouraging newsletter, browse her Thrive 360 blog, and sign up for one of her impactful workshops.  Follow her on Facebook.

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